Create A Fabulous Look With Ease

A diversity of colors sometimes makes it impossible for ladies to choose the one they want to cover their nails with. There is no need to do a classic French manicure or cover nails with vivid red polish – you can do any design and apply any shade you want to and create the desired look with ease.

There is a great number of fascinating ways to mix shades and cover nails with diverse colors, in such a way you can choose the following combinations:

  • red and white;
  • lavender and yellow;
  • silver, white and gray;
  • orange and green.

It’s also worth mentioning black and blue nail designs – such mix can help you create an elegant and incredibly stylish look which won’t leave anyone indifferent.

The Most Beneficial Manicure

Black and blue nail designs will make your fingers look longer and thinner as well as help you create a more feminine and fashionable look. Black nails with blue glitter will be a catch for every girl getting ready for a special occasion, such as a prom or any other social gathering.

Black and blue design can be done on short and long nails. Ombre is one of the most impressive and fascinating ways to style nails, such design won’t leave anyone indifferent and will definitely attract attention.

Shellac nail polish will make it possible for you to easily reach the desired goal and look just fantastic – it will make your nails look well-groomed and healthy. Shellac is a perfect option for ladies who want their manicure to last longer than a few days.

Nail Art And Design

If you don’t want to do too complicated nail design, then you can just cover one nail with black shade and other four nails with blue color. Add some glitter if you are willing to make your manicure more fascinating – it will definitely look fabulous and unique.

Glitter can be placed in lots of different places:

  • you can put it all over the nail;
  • it’s possible to do a glitter ombre;
  • you may do French glitter nails;
  • you can do a glitter cuticle manicure.

You can also cover each nail with diverse colors starting from black – the darkest one – and ending with light blue shade. Add glitter on cuticle if you want to do a more eye-catching manicure.

If you are willing to do a more classic black and blue nail designs, then you may take the following steps: cover your nails with blue nail polish and draw black stripes or put small black polka dots. Such manicure will be suitable for everyday life as well as for any special occasion.

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